How to Travel With Grandchildren - Ten Links Full of Inspiration and Insight

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Introducing your grandchild to the world of travel, strengthening family bonds and sharing memories, can be one of the greatest gifts you can give them. You may be ready to pack your bags, or still in the dreaming stage – these articles are worth a read as you plan your trip. 66% of grandparents travel with their grandchildren, with suitcases full of fun, adventure, and challenges too – this information will help you be prepared. And here are 2018 tip links for booking domestic and international travel.

1., with, at this writing, 150 trips with grandchildren (curated by child age) to choose from, is our very favorite resource for how to build a memorable trip. They start with these five travel tips, and encourage you to do the planning together.

“A grandparent-grandchild Road Scholar trip is one of the best legacy gifts you can give your grandchild, and yourself. There are few better ways to form a tight bond with your grandchild, as well as introducing him or her to the delights of travel. How long will she remember swimming with whale sharks? Her whole life.” Carolyn from Ramah, New Mexico

2.       This article has info on paperwork you might need for both domestic and international travel, and lots of idea options from camping and National Parks, to cruises and all-inclusive resorts.

3.       Six tips on traveling with grandchildren, again emphasizing planning with your grandchildren, not for them, how to think about electronic usage, and more.

4.       “Travel with children can be the stuff of dreams — or a living nightmare.” Seven tips from a Forbes author who has vacationed in Cozumel, Mexico; snorkeled in St. John, in the U.S. Virgin Islands; spent an idyllic week together in Guadeloupe; and rendezvoused in Delhi, India, all with grandparents on board. Lots of experience here.

5.       Get inspired by nine travel writers sharing their thoughts on traveling with grandchildren – lots of fun rabbit holes to go down here.

"Once grandchildren start taking lessons, having play dates, and competing on sports teams, overnight visits to grandma and grandpa's house become difficult to arrange. Going on vacation with grandchildren without parents allows you to reconnect and experience something new together, whether it’s camping locally or taking a cruise to a foreign country." Ludmilla Alexander

6.       Some grandparents have a tradition of choosing a trip with a grandchild when they turn ten – this might inspire you!

7.       11 ways to volunteer while on a family vacation. A great list, even for when you are visiting Disney, and more trip savvy links to inspire your choices.

8.       Information and links to the top tour companies for traveling with grandchildren.

9.       Our blog post about the I Can Camp programs in Minnesota, Idaho, Michigan, Oregon, and Georgia through their DNR and State Parks for all-inclusive camping with supplies.

10. was inspired by grandparent memories. Read about the founder and browse their amazing all-inclusive memorable wilderness adventures in your state and all over the world.

“My grandparents had a cabin on Big Trout Lake, and my mom and dad used to bring all seven kids up there every summer. I remember getting up early in the morning with my grandmother and fishing off the dock. I can still picture her, wearing a plaid wool jacket, smoking Lucky Strikes and leaving a lipstick mark on the rim of her coffee mug. The water was so clear there. I’d stare into it and see sunfish and the occasional northern pike. It just transported me to a different world.” – Greg Lais

OK, one more good one from the New York Times - Traveling With Kids? Boy, Do We Have Some Tips for You!