Fawn Doe Rosa Wildlife Park

Deer, goats, chickens, donkeys, cows, rabbits, some fenced, some wandering about, all looking for a handout from little hands - treats perfectly packaged just for them. This little "zoo" allows and encourages petting, feeding, and learning about animals. There are fenced areas, some cages for the wilder animals, and lovely grounds with a pond and rolling hills, where the deer and goats will follow you everywhere!

Visitors enter through a small gift shop for tickets and curated critter treat bags ready for purchase (treat coupon available on website). I brought a fabric grocery bag to keep the treats a little more contained. Just outside the door is a petting area, where staff might be showing off a tame fox, de-stinked skunk, or giving advice about feeding fuzzy rabbits or guinea pigs. We actually stroked a fox's tail while she calmly held him. Many of the more exotic animals are there for conservation and rehabilitation reasons. Deer and chickens come and go, hoping to be first in line for a nibble from a fresh treat bag. They put up with squeals and hugs, and jump fences just for show.  Beyond the Petting Station, paths lead to more animals at every turn, and on both sides of the fences.

There are restrooms, park benches, and picnic tables. The trails are gravel, so strollers might be difficult, but I saw many in use! A stroller might be a good security measure for littles that might be skittish about the close contact. You also might want to carefully consider footwear - the grounds are quite clean, but wandering might mean contact with a fresh "deposit". There are restaurants close by - we stopped at McDonalds for lunch since the kids spotted it on the way in. @minnemamaadventure recommends The Drive In in Taylors Falls. You also might want to read about these highlights (We drove past that Franconia Sculpture Park - it was fab!) If you are lucky enough to drive the route that takes you along the St. Croix - do it! And make sure your phone is charged for the photo ops! 

You and the Grands are going to love it.

Fawn Doe Rosa Wildlife Educational Park

2131  US Hwy 8  (just outside of Taylors Falls)
St. Croix Falls, WI 54024

2018 Admission:  Adults $9.50, Children 2-12 $8.50, feed bags $2.

$4 pony rides Memorial Day thru Labor Day

Check the calendar hours, and call for weather changes. Weekday hours end Sept. 14, season ends Oct. 28 - plenty of good weather left! Reopens in May.