Dino-mite Gardening

Fairy gardens, dinosaur gardens, the tiny craze is so fun, and the perfect Grandparent project! Jack and I built a dinosaur garden this week. The story is better told in pictures (click on slide show below), but you might want some details to build your own. I found some skeleton dinosaurs at Oriental Trading Company and we buried three just for fun and mystery. (They also work great in the sandbox with an excavator!) We had a supply of plastic dinos in different sizes so we could make families in a few places. You'll probably want some different sized rocks to vary the landscape and make it look a little more prehistoric. We put in a sand bucket from the dollar store, which is a volcano under construction. We were working in a raised bed, but on solid ground you could add a water feature, or at least a mirror to look like one!

Our plantings consisted of herbs (mint for Grandma’s iced tea), a random Venus Fly trap that Jack loves torturing, broccoli (Jack’s insistence), and lettuce seeds that we can watch sprout. We added a striped petunia and yellow begonia for some beauty. No rules here!

Got photos of your Grandy gardening project? Any Fairy Gardens out there? Let’s do a post for GrandyCamp! There are more ideas on our Kids in the Garden Pinterest page! And if the interest lies more in Dinos than gardening, we have a page for that with an indoor Dinosaur terrarium! 

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