Leprechaun Dreamcycle

A Recipe for Happiness!

Is planning the next family gathering stressing you out? Are you spinning through Pinterest trying to find something different for your next event? Could you co-workers use a mood-booster? Stephen Gallivan wants to be YOUR Ice Cream Man! He'll come to you on his Ice Cream Bicycle with ice cream treats and balloon animal fun! He might even do a ukulele serenade! The most wonderful thing about Stephen is he is a party in and of himself, and a huge relief when the fun and entertainment is your responsibility. You can’t help but smile with an ice cream in one hand and balloon animal in the other! He trailers his bicycle/freezer, and plays indoors or out 12 months a year (folks still want Ice Cream in December, you know). Some philanthropic folks have even paid him to just set out delivering ice cream for free on a given day, to make the world a better place.

He has added his light-hearted spin to Garage Sales, Birthdays, Nursing Home visits, Block Parties, Employee Appreciation Days, Weddings – give him a call and you will be the Rockstar for the best idea ever.

Find him at http://www.leprechaunsdreamcycle.com ; follow him at https://www.facebook.com/WallyOWonka You won’t be sorry!

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