Fab Freeze Pops

It’s time for freeze pops! You and your Grand can have so much fun making them yourselves. Did you know you can order the ziplock freeze-pop bags from Amazon? Or you can pick up Popsicle forms about anywhere, even the dollar store, though it is worth getting good ones. And I would buy two, so you can make a second flavor before finishing another. You absolutely, positively have to try the fudgesicle recipe from Brown-Eyed Baker. Really. Rockstar really. And, as you know, you can make all kinds of fun combinations with frozen yogurt, juices, fruit and other add-ins. During cold and flu season, you can even make the Grands sore throat soothing Zipzicles.

GC Freeze pops.jpg

Here is a link for the Zipzicle brand freeze pop bags in a 36-pack that I use. The Zipzicle package has recipes on the back and a QR code that links to an index of over 60 recipes! We would love to hear about what you try! This is an affiliate link.

  • Strong durable BPA-free material to prevent worries about tears, bites and health. Reinforced side seals to prevent splitting when freezing.
  • Great for parties, teams, families and group activities. Easy to make large batches.
  • Just fill, zip closed and freeze! No need for knots, clips, or sticks
  • Perfect for grown-up cocktail inspired pops                                                                                     containing alcohol as well!