Yep, These Are The Ultimate!

Ok, so I have a degree in Children's Literature, and I'm giving you book ideas that are vehicles and dinosaurs! We'll get to the literary stuff, I promise, but when a $15-$17 book buys you hours of engaged enjoyment along with Rockstar status on the gifting, we've got to get it in some little hands. Yes, pop-up books can get destroyed, but consider it a lesson in teaching the "treasure" in books, and, when there are missing parts after a while, know that it was well-loved. Vehicles has more than 60 movable parts - help a crane lift its load, open the hold of a cargo plane, make a helicopter spin. These are direct affiliate links, but some have also been spotted at Costco!

The Ultimate Book of Vehicles

The Ultimate Book of Space

The Ultimate Book of Airplanes and Airports

The Ultimate Book of Cities

The Ultimate Construction Site Book

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