Jack's Stack - more Dino's doing everything

I'm sticking to the subject because these hit so many toddler joy hot spots - counting, colors, dinos. vehicles, rescue vehicles, a surprise party, construction, birthday cake and presents; am I missing anything?! I picked them up from the Red Balloon without seeing the inside (though the staff kindly found us a sneak peek online) as they are a cello-wrapped boxed set, Dinosaurs on the Go! by Penny Dale. Even the slip case was a hit, packing them away after each of the more than a dozen times we read them in the first day. They are board books, so great for a car ride, or potty sit, or whenever you might need to have someone occupied. I was a little afraid of them being too young for a well-read 2.5 year old, but they aren't baby-ish at all for a board book.

GrandyCamp loves libraries and independent bookstores! The Red Balloon Bookstore would be happy to serve you with your online order, and fun to visit with lots of author visits and storytimes.