Grand Adventures Coloring Pages with Adobe Capture


This is minimum instruction for the Adobe Capture app, with the sole intention of helping you create a custom coloring book for your Grands. I’m sorry I can’t make a video, but it is impossible with caring for a 3 and 4-yr-old!!! Trial and error is the best approach.

The Adobe Capture app is available for free for both apple and android phones through the app store on your phone. The app will give you a bit of video instruction once it is downloaded. The feature we are most interested in for this project is shapes. When you open the app and press shapes under the picture, it will immediately show your image in black line. You can work with the image in your viewfinder, or if you click the photo icon on the bottom right - it will give you options to retrieve one from your photo galleries.


Making a custom coloring book for or with your Grands would be lots of fun – perhaps pictures from your daily adventures, or a trip to the zoo, pets, farm babies, the neighborhood, first trip to the dentist, favorite things, etc. It would be a great gift with a new set of age-appropriate markers or coloring sticks. I would enjoy the adventure and take lots of pictures to use later with the app instead of trying to fiddle with it on site! You may want to edit by increasing brightness and contrast a bit in your original pictures since the app will be reducing the image to black line. Cropping ahead might be helpful too, but you can also do that in the app.



Open the app, use the image in the viewfinder or click the photo gallery icon and choose a photo from your camera roll.

Choose the shapes option (see it in blue) and use the slider below the image to get the right amount of detail without too much black.

Press the circle below as if you are snapping the picture.

If you aren’t satisfied with the result, just try again, playing with the slider or preparing your photo with more contrast.



The next screen gives you editing options.

Crop allows you to enlarge and trim or rotate a bit for better vertical and horizontal lines.

Refine allows you to draw on or fill in areas, or easily erase areas (note the eraser on the bottom left - use just use your finger!

YES, YOU CAN ERASE WRINKLES! Clicking on the brush allows you to add black to fill in).

Smooth will smooth out your line for a better coloring book image, but it might also drop out some weak lines, so it isn’t always preferable.

Again, play with it a bit. You can always go back or revert.

Make it easy!

Once you have created the black and white images, you can print them out like any other photo, ready to color! I think it is such a fun memento of time spent together! I watched videos on Youtube for other options with this app, but the other abilities are mostly for designers. Shutterfly has fancy options and great coupons for binding your coloring pages into a book, but your local Kinkos or Staples have simple versions as well.

Our Grand Photography Pinterest page has lots of easy photography tips and this post has some other fun app looks, like watercolor. Send us some of the fun pictures you create!