Grandymakes a Glammed-up Jean Jacket

Original inspiration HERE

When I saw the tree skirt linked above, I was smitten, but didn’t need a tree skirt since I no longer put up a full-sized Christmas tree. Thought it would be a fun approach for a jean jacket or something, though, and appreciated sharing their resources.


Spring came and it’s time for jean jackets! Grace turns three in April and requested a Dino birthday party with T-Rex tacos. I loved the birds and butterflies on the tree skirt, but dinos and flowers would be a better fit for little G. Once I started looking, I discovered you can get all kinds of “subjects” in an embroidered patch! What would be a good fit for your grandchild?! Found this combo jean jacket/sweatshirt at Target for $19.99. It also comes in boys and girls sizes up to XL (Grace’s is a 3T, just so you know for scale). You’ll want natural fabric for this project so nothing “melts” in the iron-on process.


I started with resource links from the tree skirt, but you know how Amazon “suggests”! There are so many options. I ordered quite a few choices and have a lot left over for future projects. Some are iron on, and some needed to be hand-stitched. I love that the large roses are three-dimensional! I laid them out sin a bit of hide-and-seek, and a chase on the back, and pinned them in place. I cut apart some of the larger floral sprays without consequence. Take a picture when you are satisfied in case you need to remove a few for the iron-on process.


I started with the hand-stitching, making my way around the jacket. The iron-on patches don’t always come with instructions - you’ll want a hot iron (I used the highest setting, and down a notch just-in-case for the sleeves) and no steam. I went one patch at a time, removed the pin, made sure of placement, and covered carefully with a dry press cloth. Press with hot iron for ten seconds. A small jean jacket has seams to go over, so I double checked and re-pressed as needed. Some benefitted with a press from the inside as well once the patch was fairly secure. Crossed my fingers on the sleeves, but the iron-on worked there too with no problem.

I am completely in love with the finish, and trying to wait until her birthday to give it to her. But, it is jean jacket weather, and thought you might be interested in trying the idea with your Grands. I think about any age would love some version of this as a surprise or project to do together! Maybe even back-to-school if you don’t get to it now.  Be sure to send us pictures if you do! Ps. I think I would hand wash it once decorated.


Ordering from any of our Amazon links might give us some small percentage to support Grandycamp - thank you! This helps keep our pages ad-free! Red Iron-on roses, Cute Birds, Large Daisies, More birds, Large blue roses, Large pink roses, Dinosaurs. You’ll see lots of color and design options from these links, especially the larger 3D roses. If you are in the Twin Cities, S. R. Harris also has bins of embroidery patches for 50 cents each.