Kids' Card Holder Wheel

There is a lot to learn about card games when you are three – how to count your cards, how to ask for cards, how to hold your cards…that one is really hard with little hands practicing dexterity. And laying them out on the table or couch is hard if you are wiggly.

I cut a slit in a paper towel tube halved the long way at first, but then came across this homemade wooden disk version of a card holder. Circles are mostly wheels in this household, so I thought it would be fun to make and decorate them ourselves. Grace is not yet two, but we thought we would make her one as well. Grandma wanted to make hers a flower, but Jack was running the show, and decided on a happy face.

Bought the wooden disks and brad fasteners at Michaels, marked and drilled a center hole, used my quick-drying acrylic paints to paint them, and elaborated with paint pens. Quick and easy and ready for GO FISH! Grandma, do you have a shark?!

Here is a link to 40 Card Games to Play with Kids!

GrandyCamp Card Holder5.jpg