Crafternoon Resolution

I am a Maker with a capital M. But somehow, it is mostly for business, or someone else these days. There is very little Making just for the sake of Making, or trying something even if I might fail. And there is never mindless, restful creation. But I do create almost all day long.


I set my mind to change that in the last weeks of 2017 (at 4am, of course), and twisted the arm of a galpal to set aside one Saturday afternoon a month for a “Crafternoon” (we don’t spend enough time with galpals either, right?!) So, think galpal, think grandchild of any age really, or your grown daughter or sister, you get the idea. I think, if you set up a project, it could even be someone at a distance with laptops and all. Just set the project and the time. And add even more people, who can come when they can!! And more people doing different projects at the same time. Teach each other stuff. Or get a few to sign up for a pottery or knitting class, or a road trip to a distant fabric store. Think outside the box! You could even gather at your local library in a meeting room.


Ours has started with just us two, in my house, with some lovely salad recipe I’ve been wanting to try, favorite sodas, wine, chocolate, nice music… you can order pizza though, too! It has to feel good for you too. Our first project was ironic for a painter – a paint-by-number project! But this one, by a company aligned with Country Living Magazine, is REALLY complicated, with lots of colors and tiny brushes (12x12 inches, $35). For me, though, it is like my own coloring book – I can paint without thinking, and chat, and snack, and drink wine. And there is no competition – we picked the same image, just both our paintings will be the same, even though I am a professional painter. So, we do just work, and chat, and snack, and drink a little wine. So fun! 

GrandyCamp Crafternoon PaintBNumber1.JPG
PBN w paints.jpg
GrandyCamp Crafternoon Day One.jpg
GrandyCamp CrafternoonPaint-By-Number2.jpg
GrandyCamp Paint-by-number closeup.JPG

And, it inspired me to try more things just for fun. We will knit this month (haven’t in years!), just a new stitch for a scarf, so it will be a quick project. Maybe we can even watch a movie while we do it! I have silly yarn things too, like a pompom hedgehog, since my last Mollie Makes Magazine came with pompom makers. I want to make a spring wreath. And just having it on the schedule, makes me more readily jump into other projects, like getting out the sewing machine to whip up a quick little dress for Grace, not yet two. And Jack will love making pompom birds or monsters.

Mollie Makes birds.jpg
GrandyCamp Grace dress.JPG


Our GrandyCamp Pinterest page has an avalanche of maker ideas for all ages and interest levels. But I do want to recommend Mollie Makes Magazine if you, or a tween+ Grand are true Makers. It is such a happy magazine, with tons of different kinds of ideas, and comes with a complete kit for some delightful little project each month. It originates in the UK, but is easy to get here (my parents give it to me as a Christmas gift). You can also get it from the library sans kit to try it out.

Mollie Makes Magazine.JPG

It is not too late to consider your Crafternoon for 2018. It can be anything. Wouldn’t it be fun to make a painting date or somesuch with a grandchild once a month, even if you just paint rocks? Or even baking. Or at a distance, working on the same project and comparing notes? Here is an article In Praise of the Good Old Fashioned HobbySomething to note about the paint-by-number company - you can get one made with a custom photo!

Mostly, Crafternoon should be for you! And, by all means, if you craft with your galpals, pour a glass of wine. Celebrate your moment. And have dessert.