Frozen Dino Eggs

GrandyCamp Frozen Dinosaur eggs

Yep! It's hot! But we kept the kiddie pool cool with a little advance planning (we always have balloons and dinos on hand). I stretched the neck of the balloons (trying not to send them flying! Ok, that happened too) enough to get a pointy little plastic dinosaurs into the "ball" part of the balloon without poking a hole in it. Wish I had pics of Jack and I in the bathroom trying to fill balloons after with water by attaching them to the faucet - Grandma was sprayed more than once, and we both had some fits of laughter. I haven't quite mastered taking pics in the middle of the chaos - I only have two hands, and they were too wet for cell phone mastery! And then, into the freezer!

Once frozen, you just cut the balloon away to reveal the Jurassic miracle! (somehow, I did do that one handed!) Time for a swim.

On a 92 degree day, It doesn't take this T-Rex long to find his freedom - ROAR!