Grandy Squares

GrandyCamp Fabric Squares1

One-yr-old Grace is at the age of relentlessly emptying toilet paper rolls, wipes, and Kleenex boxes. I raided great-grandma's fabric stash this weekend, cutting a variety of colors, prints, and textures into 6 inch squares (one even had ball fringe attached). It was endless entertainment - stuffing them in an empty container, pulling them out again, and "talking" about each one.

Check with sewing and quilter friends and family, but this is an inexpensive project even if you need to buy some squares from JoAnn Fabrics. Keep in mind colors, patterns, novelty prints (cars and kittens were a hit with Grace), and textures (dotted swiss, super soft, and satin). Cut a cardboard template to trace your square or dust off your rotary cutter and wide ruler – either way, it is an easy project. Stuff them into an empty Kleenex box or baby wipe container with a few tempting squares peaking out. Even almost-three-year-old Jack can’t resist pulling them out and organizing them by color, or finding the three car-related fabric squares.

GC fabric1.jpg