Card Art Fun

A Facebook post by Papersource reminded me how much fun it is to make your own cards with kids (Odd that I needed that, given I have my own card website!) and did some local research. When my daughter turned nine, we even did this as a Birthday Party, learning how to make pop-up cards. You can find directions on Pinterest, of course, for all versions of everything, but some of these classes seemed like a fun outing for Grandys, especially when combined with say, Café Latte, across the street from the Grand Avenue Papersource! I think it is so fun for both ages to be learning a new skill together! Join their Facebook pages to keep up on new class offerings. Papersource has several card-making offerings this month (even Saturday March 4th!) that look really great. $30 Anchor Express stores also have monthly card-making classes, highlighting their paper and stamp offerings. $20-25. Wet Paint doesn’t have a specific card-making class coming up, but fab classes on calligraphy, Japanese papers, lino-cut and other techniques that would be great to use for cards.