Creating an Email "White List"

Why is this important?

Unsolicited, unwanted advertising e-mail, commonly known as “spam”, has become a big problem. Most e-mail services and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have put some sort of blocking or filtering system in place.

While we applaud any intention to protect you from spam, unfortunately these systems are far from a perfect solution. They often block e-mail that you’ve requested just because it is a “group send.”  Thus, from time to time, you might unexpectedly find you’re not getting your subscription’s content.

There is something you can do to keep your GrandyCamp content from falling into the false positive trap. You can fight the blacklists with a “white-list”.

White-list us now, before your delivery is interrupted.

A white-list is a list of e-mail addresses or domain names from which an e-mail blocking program will allow messages to be received. Our emails are always sent from the email address “” and appear with the name “GrandyCamp.”

Of course, every e-mail system is different. Here are instructions for some of the more popular ones. If you’re using some sort of spam filtering or blocking software yourself (in addition to what your ISP provides), you should also check their help files for instructions, especially after an update.


Gmail just did an algorithm change – even my own GrandyCamp emails were suddenly sorted to my Promote file! Emails from myself!! Grrr.

1. In your inbox, locate an email from GrandyCamp (ex. the welcome email that led you to this page). You can just type in your email search window.
2. Drag this email to the “primary” tab of your inbox.
3. You’ll see that our emails will go to your primary folder in the future!

You have even more Inbox options if you click on Settings, and then Inbox. You can "star" your important emails and check there to make them automatically appear in your Primary Inbox. Look around to see all the ways you can customize.

Yahoo! Mail

When opening an email message, a “+” symbol should display next to From: and the sender’s name. Select this and an “Add to contacts” pop-up should appear. Select “Save”:

Outlook 2003 & Later

Right-click on the message in your inbox.
Select “Junk E-mail” from the menu.
Click “Add Sender to Safe Senders List.”

Outlook changes their filters regularly and it takes some work to make sure you are getting the emails you requested! 

Still Too Many Junk Emails Mixed In?

Set up a separate email account and use that for subscribing and for things you know you’ll want more time to read. Use it for entering contests etc, too and still use the above filters for controlling the filters. Then you can plan a time to sit down with a nice beverage and do some catching up, instead of the rushed scroll in your inbox that you sometimes don’t get back to!