A Cozy Connection

This project has been around for ages, making an easy and customizable gift from baby shower to graduation. But what fun for a child to choose a fun fabric combination and learn the simple assembly with your guidance. Fabric junkies have favorite stores (S.R. Harris), but those Sam’s Club-sized aisles might be overwhelming to others (be sure to check their website for weekly coupons!). Any JoAnn Fabric store will have plenty of options, and you can conveniently call up coupons on your phone in the check-out aisle. Polar fleece is usually nearly 60 inches wide, so 1 – 1 ¼ yards will be plenty of each fabric (front and back) for cozy TV watching or cuddling up with a good book. Pace the project accordingly  – perhaps a shopping day, a preparation and cutting day, and a tying to completion day.

There are many detailed directions and step-by-step videos available online, but the construction is quite simple. Lay the two fabrics flat, aligning outside edges, and back sides together, on the floor, counter, or table. They will stick together reasonable well, but you could also pin them together in places for stability. Trim off any crimped selvage edges for a more finished look.

fleece blanket

Cut a two-inch square from each corner for ease of tying; mark and cut fringe on the remaining edges, about 1 inch wide and 2 inches in depth. Mark fabric if needed, and be sure to cut through both layers of fabric. Once cutting is complete, begin at a corner and tie the matched top and bottom fabrics together in a simple knot. Continue knotting around all edges. The final knot makes a completed, two-sided blanket, and a lasting memory of the simple, creative project!