Indoor/Outdoor Road Rage

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The weather is changing, but these will work in any season - up and down and all around rocks, boulders, grass and gravel. We even built a sidewalk course for the bikes. Inside - pillows, furniture, and even the cat! We started with one set and bought two more!

This sturdy set of road pieces are flexible and can be configured in a variety of different ways to create paths for vehicles of all sorts. Add a set to your blocks or dollhouse and take one outside, too. Each road piece is 4.5" wide, allowing for a variety of different sized vehicles. Each set comes with (4) 24" straight pieces, (4) curves and (1) intersection. (Vehicles and street signs are not included, but the website has awesome printable street signs with instructions for attaching to popsicle sticks and bottle caps.)

These fun flexible roads were invented by a grandma with 30+ years of teaching experience. She has a website dedicated to making meaningful connections between children and the adults in their lives. Find more of her products and wisdom at

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