Need Some Toddler Engagement - Quick?!

One snowy day, after seeing big, powerful snow plows in action for the first time, I googled snow plows to keep our lunch conversation going (anything to coerce them into eating vegetables), and found THIS SITE. For once, there were machines in action with actual catchy tunes! (If you lived through replays of Blippi, you’ll understand). I’m attaching the Snow Plow sample as it was particularly catchy -

The videos are available on YouTube to call up anytime on your iphone if you’ve got a kid with the itchies, but if you go to the site, you can order versions to own, learn the words to the songs via their blog (a truck blog!), and get some Rockstar truck t-shirts.   

I'm including another one that drives me CRAZY, but it works for the itchies, or accomplishing dinner prep. Blippi is a complete caricature of a guy with orange-rimmed glasses, bow tie, and high-rise jeans with orange suspenders. The kids so love watching him, I tease that Jack will dance like Blippi at his first high school dance, and Grace will marry someone like him - YIKES! Lots of vehicles here too, but also counting, colors, alphabet, animals and other kid popular interests. There are tons of videos with thousands of views, and somehow the littles are mesmerized.