GRAND Products WE LOVE for Keeping the Littles Busy

GRAND products we really love for keeping the littles busy. I am posting under "Things to Do", but these are really the simplest forms of survival. We REALLY want to post your favorites too – send us the info and we’ll post with your name!

These are affiliate Amazon links that may help support GrandyCamp in a small way if you order from this blog post - we like keeping our site ad free so far!  Who doesn’t love Amazon Prime, but you could also pick up most of them at Michael’s with a coupon.

grandycamp water wow.JPG

Melissa&Doug Water Wow $4.99 Water Wow is a series of spiral bound, reusable, water-drawing cardboard books. At 10x6 inches, they are handy for travel, but we love them at the dining room table during dinner prep (actually, any time)! They come with a refillable water pen, and when the child “paints”, color and hidden images appear. There are four black and white scenes (or numbers or alphabet pages) to each book, which quickly dry and are “repaintable”. No chemicals and no mess. Promotes fine motor skills, early writing skills, drawing skills and visual discrimination. There are a range of subjects (16 at this writing) – Under Sea, Vehicles, Animals, Farm Animals, Fairy Tales, and letter and number practice. – Karen Ritz

GC Twistables2.jpg

Crayola Twistable Crayons Slick Stix $6.57 Make sure you are getting the Slick Stix version of the Twistables. They are chunky grip for toddlers and really lay down rich color, gliding across the page. So satisfying for a little on learning to “make a mark”. Make sure to have some large coloring sheets or paper – you don’t want them coloring elsewhere with these! I bought a piece of oilcloth for that end of the dining room table. – Karen Ritz

Stickers are always fun to play with (Grace prefers to wear them). Ann removes several at once for her toddler Grand, Henry, and sticks them to the edge of the counter so they are easier for him to grasp. Did you know you can print your own stickers with sticker paper? Or use printable magnet sheets for playing with them on the fridge? You could use the kid’s art, or something teachable. - Ann Lund

Dino sprinkles1.jpg

Sprinkles $9.59 (10oz. ample supply) Sprinkles always change the mood. You don’t even need to be a baker – they turn apple and banana slices into a party! The teeny tiny round ones are my favorite (do you think they’d work on broccoli?), but there are so many fun choices on Amazon for anything you’d want to celebrate. – Karen Ritz

Grandycamp balloons.JPG

Balloons $7.99 for 72ct. Tie those silver helium balloons to their feet as infants (eye stimulation in motion). Blow up a dozen colorful ones to have them chase around the floor while crawling or toddling (I know you know enough to pick up any pieces of popped balloons). Play a game with balloons and ping-pong paddles, dollar store fly swatters, or use a paper plate attached to a wooden tongue depressor or paint stick. More balloon games on our Toddler Help! Pinterest board, and how about frozen dinosaur eggs? Again, always a party (I’ve blown up a bunch while they are napping and piled them outside the bedroom door). – Karen Ritz

GrandyCamp bubbles1.jpg

Bubbles $15.95 for a dozen 14” wands So many choices here – we usually buy the larger wands for the most volume in one swipe. The littles LOVE bubbles - hard to say who will tire first – you in the waving, or your Grand in the chasing. And remember the bubble mower?! There are also fun Bubble Gloves now, but they don’t work so well with tiny hands. – Karen Ritz

GrandyCamp sidewalk chalk2.jpg

Sidewalk Chalk $11.24 48 Washable Bright Crayola Colors Nothing better than drawing outside, and leaving Mom and Dad a welcome home message on the driveway! The new chunky chalks are so easy for a toddler hand to hold, and the texture is so satisfying for making a mark. - Karen Ritz

Magnifying Bug Jar $3.26 We make sure to have these with us for nature walks or backyard handy. So fun to have the magnifying feature, though I super glued the lens as it has a tendency to pop out. So much better than the dollar store version.

Kids' Binoculars $19.95 I picked some fairly good, durable ones as I wanted the "wow" factor and to be durable. We keep them by the window, and take them on walks - so much to see and talk about! There are lots to choose from on Amazon.


We want to hear about YOUR go-to products for Grand fun! Even better if you've got a picture of it "in use!", but no worries if you don't. Comment below or send to More fun shopping finds at