Grand Sleepover Ideas

We also have a great Pinterest Board dedicated to sleepovers for all ages! It also includes fun breakfast ideas for the next morning.

GC pillow case.jpg

Have the kids decorate a pillowcase with fabric markers. It can be a memento to look forward to next time!


GC fleece blanket2.jpg

Shop for fleece prints to make a cut and tie blanket. Simple directions and yardage here.


GC Book nook.jpg

Create a special “nook” for reading or snuggling with pillows, stuffed animals, and the child’s art.


GC kids cooking.jpg

Stage a pretend cooking show with a favorite family recipe. Take lots of photos - of both the successes and failures. Do lots of taste-testing!


GC coloring.jpg

Coloring has upped its game, and it sets a great stage for conversation. Colored pencils and markers come in everything from neon to glitter. Free printables online and on our Sleepover Pinterest page.


GC Shadow Puppets.jpg

Introduce them to hand shadow puppets; enlarge the drama (and humor) by posing the kids interacting with them.



Break open a glowstick (Michaels, Dollar Store, even Target) and add the liquid to clear nail polish for a homemade glow-in-the-dark manicure.


GC tub2.JPG

Use glowsticks or glowstick rings for a magical glow-in-the-dark bath!


GC Movie caddy.jpg

Use dollar store shower caddies to organize treats and drinks for a movie night.


GC bookmarks.jpg

Choose some of your fun photos from the night or weekend to make into bookmarks.